A bit about me, I’m a musician that struggles with mental health issues. I go through phases of intense musical activity and I upload the results here. I live a pretty stable life but do have boundary’s. I use reason 7 to make my tunes and one day I’ll load my favorites into cubase and master them. I have interests in house, techno, hip hop, funk and soul music to name a few. If you like my tracks and follow me I have private content I will share with you including a example of one of my working methods and some other stuff. Music is my hobby and at times my obsession. My health issues obstruct my enjoyment of music some times but I manage to appreciate a varied range of musical genres. I’d like to explore, collaborate, jam with people of similar styles. If you listen to a few of my tracks you’ll know large bold themes are prominent and I like to make positive uplifting music.
If you want to collaborate or have any questions just mail me here at soundcloud and I’ll get back to you. I’ve just started making tunes again after a rough 2012 so get ready and I’ll give you something to get your lugholes around. x


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