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Being shown around the headquarters of RUIN YOUR

Guide – …and so this elevator takes us to the communal area.

PWN “Am i correct in thinking, all the workforce here are victims of childhood abuse?”

Guide – ah, yes, to the point where you can only attain certain senior position if you have killed an abusive parent or guardian as a child.

PWN “How does that work then for promotions and such like?”

Guide – Well firstly it requires full disclosure…

PWN “But does that not require some kind of validation?”

Guide – To an extent yes. However lower ranks can be attained by admission alone.

The elevator doors open.

Guide – This way please.

PWN “So you have some senior positions you cannot get without having done something specific as a child?”

The guide presses the floor selector button.

Guide – Yes but, wait, ah it’s just a message, It can wait. Yes but that’s no different to having qualifications from an education facility or source.

PWN “You cannot , mumble , grates teeth,Rumor has it…”

Lift doors open

Guide – You will understand soon enough we agreed on full disclosure of our practices.


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