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The rackety and repetitive anti-cadences of yOUGOTTHATFUNK’s TUNES and PLAYLISTS suggest modernist MUSICALITY itself as the form moved away from universal declarations of world spirit and dwelled more on the interior life and the inability of the individual to convincingly make totalizing remarks about the make up and purpose of existence. One is always waiting for something to happen to make the body’s labors and the mind’s intellectual over achievements cohere with a serenity that comes only when imagination coincides with actual fact. Beckett’s characters are not much less than obsolete machines that still make noise and are able to move their gears involuntarily, at crossroads awaiting the arrival of an unannounced re assignation, cloistered in boxes responding to daylight and sound with responses mimicking the sluggish grind of old gears.

[CONT] http://www.ted-burke.com/2008/06/whoroscope-by-samuel-beckett.html

the wonder of the world

stevie robin meet postman

Random is as random does.

fully compremisted

I lie awake

when i’m tired i’m tired

wired wired

i’m i’m





the obvious





not 1 larger

2 pints of lager

its not possible

to everything is

is preminated

of an action being requested

nothing of nothing


Being shown around the headquarters of RUIN YOUR LIFE.org

Guide – …and so this elevator takes us to the communal area.

PWN “Am i correct in thinking, all the workforce here are victims of childhood abuse?”

Guide – ah, yes, to the point where you can only attain certain senior position if you have killed an abusive parent or guardian as a child.

PWN “How does that work then for promotions and such like?”

Guide – Well firstly it requires full disclosure…

PWN “But does that not require some kind of validation?”

Guide – To an extent yes. However lower ranks can be attained by admission alone.

The elevator doors open.

Guide – This way please.

PWN “So you have some senior positions you cannot get without having done something specific as a child?”

The guide presses the floor selector button.

Guide – Yes but, wait, ah it’s just a message, It can wait. Yes but that’s no different to having qualifications from an education facility or source.

PWN “You cannot , mumble , grates teeth,Rumor has it…”

Lift doors open

Guide – You will understand soon enough we agreed on full disclosure of our practices.