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So 2014 is firing along.

I’ve had two or three real spurts of musical inspiration so far this year. Not bad really. With the latest I’ve been trying something new, Hip Hop. Or more to the point rapping. Funny shit tbh. Scots accent just sounds so fuked up. I sound sometimes like Billy Connolly quantized and less funny. Still freaked out by the amount of folk that follow you without playing your music, its well a virtual fuk all really, no fuking point to it at all. Is the follower count some kind of game or sum shit. Play an indonisian a tenner and u can have 10 thousand follows all just at pointless as the ones your manually making. Complained to support twice now hoping to find a way to mute these fukers in my stream. They just repost bullshit tracks. More pointless clicks in their little lifes. Soundcloud could really really work good if we can get rid of the chaff. There is some really good shit on this site if you have a dig about. MY fav thing to do is type chillout in the search then just let it play. Don’t care what comes out, I skip down to where i stopped last time then let it rip. Very relaxing! Trying to balance sleep deprivation with a bran and liquid heavy diet, its fuking rough on the arse! If I could describe myself in one line of bullshit it would be; I’m the Elvis of the north, I ate all the hamburgers and most weekends I wake up on the toilet.


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