So here we are. Standing at a cross roads. You’ve come this far so why not a little further? Thanks for listening to my tunes and following my blog link. I haven’t got much to offer except my music. If that interests you enough then by all means continue reading. If you haven’t heard my music then use the link from my first post.

I guess blogs are places where people express their views etc. So I have a few issues with soundcloud and I’ll express them here. WHO THE FUK ARE ALL THE TWATS FOLLOWING ME WITHOUT LISTENING TO THE MUSIC! Phew glad that’s out there. I’m supposed to believe all these followers have silent listening mode activated, bollocks to that. Whats the bloody point in following random folk without listening to what they do ? I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC OR FOLLOW ANY OF YOUR LINKS IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO SOMETHING FROM MY PAGE. Arg, lol. /rantover.

So plans at the moment have been to redo the mix of a lot of my tracks and send away demo’s with some I have had mastered. Got new headphones which inspired me to remix some as the stereo fields were terrible and the highs very raspy.

So this is what I’m doing and I really want to be working on my slower break beat orientated stuff for a while. Conveniently my schedule has opened up so I may one day create that other page full of beats and bass.